Hospital profile

  Lipu People's Hospital was built in1935Years, is a all82It is a national second-class A general hospital integrating medical treatment, nursing, teaching, prevention and health care. The hospital covers an area2.9Ten thousand square meters, business occupancy area3.5Ten thousand square meters。

  The hospital has 670 employees, including 529 health technicians (23 with senior titles, 184 with intermediate titles), 480 beds open. Experts from Affiliated Hospital of Guilin Medical College have been hired for a long time to guide and carry out new technology projects。It has 20 clinical departments including internal, external, gynecology, pediatrics, emergency and health care, and 7 medical technical departments including laboratory, radiology and pharmacy。Equipped with modern laminar flow clean operating room, ICU(intensive care unit), NICU (neonatal care unit);It has the largest hemodialysis room (31 units) in the same hospital in Guilin;The newly built supply room can provide high standard and high quality disinfection supply services for medical institutions at all levels in the county。

Medical equipment:The company has 520 16-row CT machine, cardiac color ultrasound system (LDGIQ5), Toshiba three-dimensional color ultrasound, all digital X-ray system (DR), extracorporal shock wave lithotriptor, imported Olympus gastroscope, colonoscope, laparoscope, hysteroscope, percutaneous nephroscope, ureteroscope, electroscope, arthroscope, holmium laser, imported hemodialysis machine, blood filter machine, blood perfusion machine, intoMouth automatic biochemical analyzer and a large number of advanced medical equipment。Toshiba 3D color ultrasound can provide high-quality prenatal screening services for pregnant women in the county, and is the second hospital of the same level in Guilin City to have this equipment。

Medical technology: The hospital attaches great importance to technological innovation, pays attention to the level of domestic medical advanced technology, and medical technology in various disciplines has been rapidly developed。Various fracture reduction and internal fixation operations such as percutaneous nephroscopy, ureteroscopic lithotomy, ureteral stricture dilatation and electrotomy, bladder cancer, electrokinetic resection of prostatic hyperplasia, spinal fracture, artificial hip replacement, laminectomy, open cranioplasty, decompressive craniotomy, removal of massive cerebral hemorrhage hematoma, intraventricular drainage, laparoscopic surgery (gallbladder extraction, bile extraction) were performedLithotomy, appendicectomy, etc.), minimally invasive treatment of joint lesions under arthroscopy, modified radical surgery for breast cancer, radical surgery for lung cancer, radical surgery for colon and rectal cancer, standardized chemotherapy for tumor patients, vocal cord polyp surgery, vocal cord tumor surgery, cataract phacoemulsification surgery, neonatal hearing screening, minimally invasive resection of submucous myoma of uterus, microwave treatment of cervixTherapy, modified total hysterectomy, painless delivery, painless abortion;Transcranial Doppler, heart color ultrasound, CT enhancement, laparoscopy, laryngoscope, microinfusion pump, central vein catheterization, percutaneous selective intravenous catheterization, eugenic and nurturative screening, pulmonary function measurement, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, 24-hour holter electrocardiogram monitoring, painless gastroenteroscopy and H. pylori detection, telemetry ECG monitoring, hemodialysis and hemofiltration, hemoperfusion;Tumor five items, glycosylated hemoglobin determination, hemorheology detection, etc。The minimally invasive operation of percutaneous nephrolithotomy has reached the level of tertiary hospitals, and the endoscopic hemostasis and early cancer screening technology of gastroenterology is leading in Guilin hospitals at the same level。

"For the people's health service" is our purpose, Lipu County People's Hospital will strive to create a better medical environment for the people of our county to create a comfortable environment, excellent service of the modern general hospital。

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